Housing in Fribourg

Housing in the region of Fribourg

• EPFL Housing Website:
You will find on our website http://logement.epfl.ch/housing a lot of relevant information related to housing.
The access to the housing database on the above link is restricted to admitted Bachelor, Master and PhD students ONLY, who have received their GASPAR account. Please note that the database gathers mainly ads around Lausanne area. Fribourg being about 50 minutes away from Lausanne’s train station, it is however interesting to search in this area as well.

Some tips in order to help you with your search:
Please note that everyone is responsible of contacting the landlords on their own, either by email or by phone, explaining that you are already in Switzerland, working for EPFL, with a salary and a residency permit if this is the case.
If you are not yet in the country, the best would be to organise a few days’ trip in order to make a few visits. This will allow you to get a sense of the city and meet some people in Fribourg, however it will not guarantee that you will find a place during this trip.
If you have no possibility to proceed this way, you will have to make your search from abroad and we highly recommend you to search for a temporary place for 2 to 3 months at your arrival in order to have a place to stay. Finding a place by being on the spot is easier than from abroad.
Please see the temporary options in the paragraph “last minute housing” below.

When contacting a landlord it is always better to call if there is a phone number in the ad, but if you write an email, be precise, short and straight to the point. Your goal is to make a visit of the place/get in touch with the landlord.

Most of the landlords do not necessarily speak English, therefore we would highly suggest you to write in French (using google translation for example) in order to get in touch with them or ask the help of a colleague or friend.

Lab secretaries cannot help you with this as they are not always available and very busy with lab works.

• Short-term rent:

• Rooms with private landlords:
There are possibilities of renting rooms with private landlords or in a private structure and we encourage everyone to pursue these options. The AGEF (General Association for Fribourg’s students) offers some ads on the following link https://www3.unifr.ch/campus/en/activities/associations.html but you can also find some ads on other public websites, such as www.tutti.ch and www.anibis.ch.
Please be careful with the scams! For further information you can visit http://logement.epfl.ch/traps-to-avoid

• Flat-sharing:
Many people have already chosen the flat-sharing solution. You will find some offers on the following links:
http://www.students.ch/fr/logement/list (in French only)

For more information and access to other flat-sharing websites: http://logement.epfl.ch/flat-sharing

• Rentals with real estate agencies:
You will find on our website http://logement.epfl.ch/renting-agencies a lot of relevant information concerning the conditions required by real estate agencies.
Search forums:
– Homegate.ch
– Immostreet.ch
– Comparis.ch
– A-louer-fribourg.ch (chambre fribourgeoise immobilière)
– Laliberte.ch
– cope-immo.ch

With today’s housing market situation, it is quite difficult to obtain an apartment rental if you are looking from abroad. This is why we advise everyone arriving from abroad to bring their search down to rooms with private owners or flat-sharing or even a temporary room. They will not ask you for a Swiss guarantor as the agencies do.
Link to search forums and real estate agencies: http://www.uspi-fribourg.ch/fr/l-uspi-fribourg/nos-membre/ (in French only)

• Last minute housing:
The date of your arrival at EPFL Fribourg is approaching and you still haven’t found housing?
Don’t give up, the search can take time and if you still haven’t found the right place, you can find some temporary solutions hereafter:
http://www.foyer-beausejour.ch/index.php/en/registration.html (Availabilities mainly from June to September)

• Geographical orientation and public transports:
Select only the city of Fribourg, without its surroundings, or areas with main train stations such as Villars-sur-Glâne, Marly or Granges-Paccot. Surrounding villages are not convenient to commute unless you have a car.
In order to find a suitable housing, not too far from the public transports and from Fribourg center, use the website www.sbb.ch. It will give you precise commuting times and travel solutions from the campus to any interesting ad’s address you could find.

Links to external sites are provided to facilitate your search. We cannot and do not provide any guarantee with regard to the accuracy or the maintenance of the content of these sites. Furthermore, we recommend you take care as unfortunately there can be dishonest users on even the most reliable sites. The Housing Office can advise you in case of doubt. Nevertheless, we decline any responsibility for any financial loss or other consequence linked to your use of these sites.

Some more helpful links: