At the office in EPFL Fribourg

At the office in EPFL Fribourg / smart living lab

• Key/badge to the office: the assistant of the technical unit (UTFR) will ask you to fill out and sign a form in order to receive a key/badge to your office. A deposit of CHF 50.- must be paid to blueFACTORY. In case of loss, the employee must immediately report it to Henri Pilloud (, who’ll replace the key.
When leaving the office, please make sure to lock the door.

• Install the sll server and printer:

• Printer access: \\\Follow_Me

Should you encounter any problems with this, please contact: mentioning you belong to EPFL

• Structural Xploration Lab’s printer

The Structural Xploration Lab has acquired a 3D printer and aims at sharing it with every research group involved in the smart living lab, Fribourg.

The operational use of the printer is free of charge but the Lab asks for 0.05 CHF per cm³ of used filament.

The printer model is Fusion 3D F400-HFR (see brochure here). Its great features include:
– a large printable volume of 36×36×32 cm³ !
– speed
– wide range of available materials (see here)
– opensourceness

The printer is already connected to the smart living lab network. Once you have your 3D model ready (as a .3ds file for instance), it should be translated into a printable model using the Simplify3D software. Simplify3D is not free of charge but we have a license that you can come and use on a computer in our office (HBL 1 46B). The following links present the requirements your CAD file must have prior to use Simplify3D: and

Please contact the Structural Xploration Lab prior to any experiment.

• Booking conference rooms: in order to book the blueFACTORY conference rooms on the ground floor (Fribourg, Cardinal, Beauregard), please send an e-mail to your assistant.

The videoconferencing room “EPFL Fribourg Meeting Room” on the ground floor (37-38A) can be booked via Outlook Exchange for EPFL employees (“invite” the room to your meeting as if it were a participant and you will receive an automatic reply).

For the HEIA-FR conference room on the second floor (43C), please send an e-mail to Violaine Coard or Veronica Cubarle

• CAMIPRO card (electronic card providing you access to printing services, among others): in order to get the card, contact the Camipro service (building BS 143) by calling the +41 21 693 66 66 to fix an appointment in EPFL Lausanne. You may also do it by e-mail, sending a passport photo to For more details, please check the CAMIPRO page.

• Your internal phone number and your personal address at EPFL can be found on

• Should you need to send professional letters, you may obtain stamps from your unit’s assistant.

• Paper and toner for printers – available at the office supplies room on the 1st floor (40B).

• Waste disposal: paper (there’s a basket in your office), PET, glass, alu (containers in the cafeteria). For all other materials, there are other containers behind the Blue Hall, next to the yellow hall.

• Train tickets for professional use are to be asked to your assistant. She will have them issued for you.

• Restaurants: there are no restaurants on the EPFL Fribourg campus. However, there are several options around the blueFACTORY site and a different food truck every day at the entrance of the site.

• There is a coffee machine for all Blue Hall’s tenants at the cafeteria. In order to buy the coffee capsules for this machine, please go to blueFACTORY’s secretariat: blueFACTORY Fribourg SA, Passage du Cardinal 1.

• Catering services in Fribourg, in case you need to organize a lunch or aperitif for your unit/lab:

• Emergency phone numbers:

117 Police

118 Fire dept.

144 Ambulance

• EPFL internal phone numbers: last 5 digits. To call external numbers: dial 0 followed by the 10 digits. For international phone calls ring exchange.

• EPFL exchange number (for international phone calls): 111 (during working hours only)

• Blue Hall opening times: from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. Outside of these hours, it is possible to open the front door using your badge/key.

• Blue Hall technical manager: +41 26 422 37 18

Parking on site: the parking permit costs CHF 60.- a month for people working on site. Should you need one, please send an e-mail to, stating your name and your car number plate

The PopUp Atelier: this is the smart living lab construction hall, where experiments are carried out, and prototypes built. For more information or on how to book it, please contact: Claude-Alain Jacot: 021 695 7220

WiFi: blueFACTORY offers free WiFi to visitors: PUBLIC-BF. To connect: follow the instructions on the browser. The eduroam network is also available for those working for one of the smart living lab’s insitutions. To log in: + your password